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1. a person who owns or works in a shop that sells fine clothin

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Featured member on Patternreview.com! , Blogging Confessional

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?I check my email. Not work email, mind you, but general email, to see if some great surprise has happened while I am asleep. Usually no such surprises occur, but I am able to check my notes from the universe and astrology forecast to get in the right mood for the day. Imagine my surprise when I woke up today to the news that I was the featured member on Patternreview.com!

I was immediately ecxited and nervous. More than anything, I want to share what I am making with the world, as seeing others creations shared with me through their blogs has inspired me tremendously. On the other hand however, I have been a very bad blogger and am ashamed to have people directed to my sad blog!

So I am grateful for the opportunity for more exposure, and will take this as an opportunity to recommit to sharing my sewing with others. And I have been doing plenty of sewing to share!

First up, I am in the most fantastic sewing class ever!
New Look 6000 In progreess
I have been working the whole class on perfecting New Look 6000, using denim to make a wearable muslin. I have done many fitting adjustments with the teacher, Nora Elias (fabulous). She let me know that my construction skills were solid for the most part, and I need to concentrate on fitting and finishing as an intermediate seamstress. After swayback and numerous shoulder adjustments, I now have a solid TNT sheath dress, and plan to recreate it in suiting to make a "work uniform dress". Photos of finished dress on me to come.

 Second, here is the dress I worked on in January that was a bust until recently.
It is a mashup of two Burda petite patterns, done up in a black wool poly blend. I like this dress because it actually looks like a dress I would have bought in a store (but couldnt afford :)

So thats it for today. Readers, share your secrets with me! How do you balance the sewing with sharing? I look forward to all of your tips, I need all the help I can get!
More come!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Gets the Job Done Skirt 3/2013-117

Hey All!
Yes, I have been seriously MIA. But I did manage to push through and make a March Burda Garment- Skirt 117 from the March 2013 Issue. I wanted to make a plain pencil skirt for work. It is a plaid wool suiting, and while it is a little lightweight for a skirt, it gets the job done. The darts aren't perfect, but I will be wearing it with cardigans that will hopefully cover most of the dartage. All in all I am considering this a wearable muslin, and is a good template for a pencil skirt. is much baggier and wrinklier on the dressform, but I am too tired to model anything now. Pictures of the skirt on me to come later this week. 


Friday, January 31, 2014

Wilma Flinstone Costume Dress - January Burda Garment of the Month Completed! Burda 1/2012-152

Hola Amigos,
Thanks for checking in. Garment of the month done? Yup. January Burda Garment completed? Yup.

What? January 31 is still January, correct?

Glad to have SOMETHING done

After having some frustrating experiences with trying to complete a January Burda garment (multiple muslins that did not work, a botched zipper insertion on a fabulous dress), I was looking for a simple pattern that I could use for one of my trusty African print fabrics.

The Wilma Flinstone Dress from the January 2012 Burda looked quick and easy.

Holy Flinstones! Burda Wilma Flinstone Costume Dress

I left off the shoulder ties for this version, although I think they would look nice in a fabric with more drape. While avoiding  necessary petite alterations, I just kept hiking up the shoulder seam to raise the bodice. Not the best idea. Next step is to open up the underarm seam.  I switched out the gathered skirt for a pleated skirt, mostly to try something new.

Ok, so I like it, but not sure if I love it. I feel like this one shoulder bodice is flattering, and I like the color. I am sure that once I fix the armhole it will be more comfortable and I will like it more. Since I didn’t do a petite alterationfor real, I just kept raising the shoulder seam. Not a decision without consequences. Now I need to open up the armhole a little more. Little fix.

I’m mostly glad that I was able to create a wearable garment after multiple failed garments in January. Or lessons learned. Yes lets call the muslins and zipper fiasco dress lessons learned.

Also, still trying to figure out photography. Wish me luck, and give me all the tips. Thanks.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Resewloutions - Or should we just say "intentions"

I have some resolutions for 2014. Or Intentions. That sounds like less pressure, doesn't it? Yes, lets go with intentions, my friends.

First up:
Participate in the Complete one garment a month Challenge 
 Garment a Month Callenge
Over the last year, I have spent a lot of time "getting my life together"(new city, new job, etc) and not completed many garments. However,  I noticed that sewed up almost  ten yards of muslin last year,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Plaid Shift Dress - Burda 1/2013-102


I started this dress back in January of last year, when this Burda issue first came out.
I had been in a sewing slump for quite a while and was looking for projects

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wax Print Heart Chakra Burda 2/2011-101

This version of Burda 2-2011-101 was completed I don't even remember when! But it is by far my favorite me-made